What Women Don't Know And Men Don't Tell You

What Women Don't Know And Men Don't Tell You

McKinney Hammond, Michelle

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Why does the modern-day search for romance so often end in disappointment, especially for women? Is it something women do? Something they don't do? Are women missing important information about the opposite sex, or about themselves? Is there something wrong with them that they long so desperately for, til death do us part?

Sadly, many women today see their ongoing singleness as a weakness or lack of worth. In truth, women's dreams go unfulfilled not because they do not deserve for them to come true, but often because of wrong assumptions?assumptions that can be corrected by learning a few key truths. In The Unspoken Rules of Love, authors Michelle McKinney Hammond and Joel Brooks seek to clear up these misperceptions, giving women the information they need to succeed in long-term, lasting male-female relationships and teaching them how to find satisfaction, value, and fulfillment in their relationship with God, both while they wait and after the wait is over.

Drawing on both the perspectives of its male and female authors, this book deals with the hard issues and the questions women ponder as they consider the dilemma of how to obtain lasting love. The Unspoken Rules of Love will help women adjust their desires, redefine what they are attracted to, set their values in order, and determine their goals, freeing them at last to pursue the loving relationships they desire.

Publisher: Penguin Random
Language: English
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Publication Date: Sep 15, 2009

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