Dear God's Daughter: Words of True Love When False Love Fails

Dear God's Daughter: Words of True Love When False Love Fails

Tonya Raymond

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You keel over, gripping your stomach. You’ve just been told your relationship is over and you’re unsure about what to do next. You’re in shock—physically sick. You force yourself to breathe deeply, after that sudden blow.
You want to confide in your friends to tell them what just happened. You need them to help you make sense of it all. But you second-guess yourself: you know they won’t understand. You feel like they would judge you.

So, you suppress your feelings and act like everything is okay. But with every passing second, it’s harder to function. It’s harder to breathe.

A nagging feeling — a quiet inner voice — tells you to try Jesus. So that’s what you do.

But you find it hard to speak to Him—the words simply won’t come out. You reach

for your notebook and a pen and begin writing to Him instead.
You’ve never done this before. And a part of you questions if He truly cares.

But what if He does? What if He writes you a letter in return? A letter that challenges every thought and emotion you have.

In Dear God’s Daughter: Words of True Love When False Love Fails, Tonya shares her personal experience on how she healed from a toxic relationship with the help of God through Jesus Christ.

She writes her story from the perspective of you—the reader—making this your own intimate journey with Jesus, the Son of the living God.

Accompanied by biblical verses, this devotional will help you to:

• identify what an unhealthy relationship looks like;

• see yourself through Jesus’ eyes when it comes to self-love, self-acceptance, and forgiveness;

• know God through His Son;

• feel confident as you transition into your single season

• discover who you are and the importance of purpose; and

• prevent and/or stop the cycle of toxic relationships within your life.

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