Léger, Dimitry Elias

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In thirty-five seconds, more than 200,000 people on the island of Haiti are killed and 1.3 million are left homeless. An earthquake has struck, ravaging a land that is plagued by poverty and poor infrastructure. Yet the amazing characters in God Love Haiti are never simply victims.

At the heart of the novel are the connected but divergent fates of its President, his wife, and her lover. The world has fallen down around them, laying bare remorse, pain, isolation, and unalloyed grief now devastatingly realized, and irrevocably altering all their lives.

Anchoring this poignant and constantly surprising story is an affectionate portrait of Haiti, in all its complexity - its proud past as the first nation established by a successful slave revolt, its entangled politics with France and the United States, and its efforts to rise from the ruins to build anew.


Publisher: Amistad Press
Language: English
Page Count: 261
Publication Date: 2/2/2016

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