ALAM: Beginnings

ALAM: Beginnings

Akil O Smith

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Are you looking for a pulse-pounding ride through space and time where epic adventures will leave you breathless with anticipation?

Look no further!

Introducing: “Alam Beginnings”, a thrilling science fiction novel set in the mid-80s. In the far reaches of the Andromeda galaxy, a relentless conflict rage between the ruthless Rigions and the courageous Zorians. Countless worlds have fallen to the brutal attack of the Rigions, leaving entire generations scattered and fleeing for their lives. But amidst this chaos, a flicker of hope emerges—the birth of Alam, a legendary being prophesied to bring balance to the universe.

Shawn, a young boy who has already weathered unimaginable loss, as he wrestles with the sudden return of his mother, believed dead but now alive under mysterious circumstances. His world is turned upside down as he moves in a web of fear and uncertainty, finding peace only in his steadfast friend Tiyshio, who harbors a secret that makes him a target for the ruthless Rigion people.

As Shawn's mother's true identity is revealed, suspicion grips him, casting doubt on those closest to him and solving a tangled web of deception. Tiyshio, sensing a greater conspiracy at play, is determined to protect Shawn from the dangers that lurk in the shadows. But as alliances shift and betrayals reveals, Shawn is left with a haunting question: who can he truly trust?

◆Features of “Alam Beginnings”:

  • Fascinating Characters: This narrative has rich character development spotlighting Shawn, Tiyshio, Shawn's mother, and the contrasting Zorins and Rigion entities.
  • Family Connection: The story explores the depths of familial bonds and concealed truths as Shawn's mother emerges from the shadows, adding layers of complexity to the story's dynamic cast of characters.
  • Suspenseful Plot: It is not just a science fiction but this narrative is filled with twists and turns as secrets are uncovered, alliances are tested, and the true nature of the universe is revealed, keeping readers engaged until the very end.
  • Immersive World-building: The narrative of this science fiction takes the readers to a richly imagined galaxy torn apart by warring races, where ancient prophecies also exist.
  • Emotional Depth: The story resonates with human behaviors exploring complex emotions of the characters as they struggle with issues like trust, loyalty, and the search for truth in a universe filled with deception and danger.
  • Epic Adventure: This is an epic thrilling journey across galaxies as Shawn and Tiyshio confront their deepest fears and powerful adversaries.

◆Why “Alam: Beginnings” is worth a read?

  • Fans of epic space operas and sprawling sagas that span galaxies, "Alam Beginnings" offers a fresh and exciting take on the genre.
  • It is a blend of action, mystery, suspense and emotional depth, this story appeals to readers seeking a captivating narrative that challenges conventions and explores the complexities of emotions.
  • This story will emotionally engage you from heart-wrenching losses to glorious victories, allowing you to connect deeply with the story on an emotional level.
  • This story will engage your mind with the complex plots, intricate character dynamics, and thought-provoking themes of trust, faithfulness, and the search for truth, stimulating your intellect and sparking meaningful reflections.

Let’s start an electrifying voyage with these two boys amidst intergalactic conflict. With shocking revelations, loyalty tests, and an epic adventure 'Alam Beginnings' seamlessly blends science fiction thrills, ensuring a mesmerizing read that'll have you hooked from start to finish.

Grab your copy now and find the truth!

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