Timeless Love

Timeless Love

Julie Thompson

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Alijah and his mom do everything together. They go to the park, ride their bikes, practice yoga and Alijah's favourite: share popcorn during movie nights. Alijah loves being with his mom and he knows his mom loves being with him.

So when Mom introduces him to her new friend, Jason, Alijah is excited. That is, until Jason starts to pop up too often. Alijah thinks two is a better number than three and he feels the rumble of anger start to grow in his tummy. The anger grows bigger and bigger inside of him. Will it explode? How can he get all of his mom's time back again?

Julie Thompson's first book, Timeless Love, addresses a child's need for assurance during common situations of family and social change. Timeless Love is a story is a love story - a tale in which a mother shows her son that her love for him is limitless.

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