The Power Of Hope : Abandoned But Not Forsaken, vol.1

The Power Of Hope : Abandoned But Not Forsaken, vol.1

Rowe, Cemone

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This book is dedicated to all the unstoppable women and girls out there, who have experienced abandonment at some point in their lives but, somehow, still find a reason each day to keep going no matter what.

Just like myself, you may have felt alone and invisible because people who were supposed to be there for you deserted you, leaving you feeling so hopeless. I would like to take this opportunity to remind you today that you are not alone because God is with you.

I will be taking you on a roller coaster ride where I share my stories about how I have gone from hope to hopelessness and back to hope again over the course of my life. I will keep it a hundred percent so that we will feel a connection like friends who are helping each other to heal.

My goal is to allow someone to resonate with my message and realize that her problems are not unique and get a cowrie of hope that: if another woman like me made it, I can also make it. But in this journey of mining the power of hope, I want us to understand that we cannot just depend on my story but on the Holy Spirit to mend the brokenness brought about by our losses.

I also want to make it clear that I didn’t cure my wounds because of my own wisdom, God was with me and He has been my hope in everything that I have gone through.

Through this book I hope that you will discover who you are and what your purpose is in this world, I hope that The Power of Hope will inspire you to hope again.

Finally, I hope that after you read this book, you will discover that you can rise above anything and be unstoppable because you have the power to do anything if you choose to believe in yourself. Never forget that the only thing that can stop us in this life is ourselves because once we believe, we can achieve.

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