The ABCs of Menopause

The ABCs of Menopause

Gillianne Fuller

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Are you having hot flashes?
Are you experiencing night sweats?
Sleeps seems to be your worst enemy"
Is sex painful, your vagina dry?
Getting angry with your partner and children more easily or more often?
Are you feeling depressed?
Sudden weight gain around your mid section?
Is your hair suddenly falling out or dry and brittle?
Having trouble concentrating, brain fog?
Your memory isn't what it sided to be?
All you patience seems to have vanished?
Are your joints achy?
Did you think you had to suffer with these symptoms for the rest of your life?
Did you know that women of colour have more intense hot flashes?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes then you need this book on the symptoms of peri menopause, menopause and post menopause and the symptoms, and ways to alleviate them and live a healthier menopausal life.
Menopause is not the end and your symptoms can be reversed. Menopause is not an illness.
So many women are suddenly hit with menopause symptoms and have no idea what's happening to them. Your GP can't really help you and casually tells you that its just menopause as if you should just accept your symptoms go home and prepare to suffer for the rest of your life. You are hurting, lost, confused and certainly a little depressed by the sudden changes in your body, both inside and out. Ladies it doesn't have to be that way. You can help yourself, you can change your situation and you can help the other women around you who are suffering as well.
First step is to buy this book. Then join the Clubhouse club Women Over 50 Lets Talk Menopause and Life after 50. Lets keep the conversation going and get you the help you need. We are a community of women dedicated to helping and empowering each other.
Its time to talk about menopause and remove the stigma.

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