Radical Witness: A revolution in Christian ministry

Radical Witness: A revolution in Christian ministry

Tita, Sam

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One of the most prolific hindrances to participating in Jesus’ ministry here on earth is the fallacious idea that a Believer needs additional qualifications beyond what God already gave them. In contemporary Christianity, it seems that anyone who does ministry with the same simplicity Jesus did is radical. Most people are more interested to know which university one graduated from, how long one has been a Christian leader and one’s denominational affiliation and accreditation.

“While our socio-religious context is different than that of 1st Century Israel, the fact remains that it is the power of God that heals, raises the dead, and breaks bondages, not MBAs and PhDs.” – Sam Tita

In this revolutionary book, prolific author and bible teacher, Sam Tita, delivers the third installment of his PREvail Trilogy with boldness and clarity. This book will change your view of ministry and push you to fulfill God’s call on your life.

The effectiveness of Jesus’ ministry was unprecedented, yet the Pharisees called Him a radical. In Radical Witness, you will learn to do ministry as Jesus did. But brace yourself— your church friends may stop taking your phone calls because they think you’ve changed!

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