Mes petits souliers rouges

Mes petits souliers rouges

by Karen English (Author), Ebony Glenn (Illustrator)

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Lorsque sa Nana lui offre la merveilleuse paire de souliers rouges dont elle rêvait, Malika est ravie. Les souliers l’accompagnent dans tous les moments importants de sa vie, comme son premier jour d’école, le mariage de sa tante, les jours de Noël et les fêtes d’anniversaire. Mais le temps passe. Malika grandit et ses pieds grandissent eux aussi. Un jour, les souliers rouges sont trop petits. Malika doit accepter de s’en séparer et de les laisser s’envoler vers de nouvelles aventures…


Malika is elated when her Nana gifts her a dazzling pair of red shoes that she wanted. The red shoes accompany her through life: her first day of school, her aunt’s wedding, Christmas, and birthday parties. But as all these moments pass, so does something else: time. And with time, Malika grows, and her feet grow too. One day, the red shoes are too small for her feet, and they take a special journey of their own right to a little girl living in Africa.

A captivating story that highlights the shared experiences we hold, no matter who or where we are in the world.

Original title: Red Shoes

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