Larry Lung Learns to Breathe

Larry Lung Learns to Breathe

Sherika Nelson

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We mustn’t work to be another.
Being true, we help each other!
Deep within the body of Divy live five fantastic best friends: Barry Brain, Hannah Heart, Kai Kidney, Leslie Liver, and good ol’ Larry Lung. They all look different. They have unique jobs. And yet they work together in a truly magical manner.

One day, amidst the visceral playground’s intestinal swing set and jungle gym ribcage, Larry comes to learn how very special the heart family seems to be.

Perhaps he can help pump blood himself! But what will happen if one lone organ neglects its most important chores? That lesson will soon be learned!
A biologic parable that teaches not just science but the power of human unity, this modern classic demonstrates the importance of being true to oneself.

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