Languages of Africa Kids Picture Book: 100 Words - English to Akan (Twi)

Learn 4 Fun 3000

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The Learn 4 Fun 3000 picture book series helps your child learn simple words in TWI and English.

Our 100 WORDS edition will have your child looking through 25 pages of colorful images while learning the corresponding words! The words are divided in themes that comprise of fruits, vegetables, animals, foods and drinks, technology, clothing and accessories, parts of the body, occupations, references, weather and nature, and simple phrases. The added pronunciations will have you and your child, sounding like a native speaker in no time!
Learn 4 Fun. Learn for LIFE!

Product Details:
*TWI Alphabet and Pronunciation Page
*Each new word translated by a native Twi speaker with added pronunciations!
*Over 100 new language words with pronunciations!
*Includes BONUS pages ("Thank You", "Flag" and "Map of Africa")
*English to Twi Quick Reference List
*Translators notes*Fun Facts Page*Ages 3-12 Years

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