Killer Records: An Eli Wise Mystery

Killer Records: An Eli Wise Mystery

T.J. Watson

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From his hard upbringing in the streets of Compton to his turbulent time as a homicide detective, trouble has followed Eli Wise his entire life. Now, as a private eye working out of the slums of Skid Row, trouble is his business.

The paint on Eli’s door is hardly dry before danger comes knocking. A missing actress who some would prefer to stay missing... A masked vigilante seeking justice against a corrupt cop… A cryptic song on the radio digging up a past better left buried…

Whether he's tracking down the patient zero that sparked a deadly epidemic, solving the mystery of a family curse, or hunted by a cult of devil worshippers, each case opens a moral tarpit for Eli to navigate. And in sunny, smoggy Los Angeles, where demons don wings and angels bare horns, right and wrong depend only on two things: who’s writing the checks, and who’s holding the gun.


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