Jerk Chicken Magic

Jerk Chicken Magic

Noel-Andrew Bennett, Roxanne Bennett

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A love letter to immigrant families everywhere!

Jerk Chicken Magic is a heartwarming story of a multi-generational immigrant family (The Higgins), through the eyes of a charming 6-year-old girl named, Lizzy — as she explores the culinary magic of Jamaica's most famous cultural export, jerk chicken.

In awe of her Mom, Lizzy learns about the history of jerk chicken, how to make it, and the magic the dish brings to her whole family. This book celebrates themes of resilience, adaptability, and the importance of preserving generational recipes and cultural traditions.

Jerk Chicken Magic is the debut children’s picture book from husband and wife duo Noel-Andrew and Roxanne Bennett. This tasty story redefines immigrant storytelling and is the perfect gift for kids on any occasion.

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