Helper A Friend to Many: Depression and Anxiety

Helper A Friend to Many: Depression and Anxiety

Samantha Robinson

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Embark on a heartwarming adventure that inspires faith, compassion, trust, empathy, and kindness in "Helper: A Friend to Many" - A unique children's book!

Join Helper, a genuine helper with a big heart, as he assists Depression and Anxiety. This captivating narrative teaches children the importance of self-care, dependency on God, as well as empowers parents to prioritise their children's mental health.

With Helper by their side, Depression and Anxiety conquer negative self talk and feelings and discover their true potential. Uncover the power of empathy and kindness in this essential tool for discussing mental health and emotions.

Equip your child with the tools to navigate negative self talk and emotions, and support for others.

Join Helper and their extraordinary adventure and let the transformation Power of change inspire young and mature hearts alike.

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