Cultivating Patience Experience Hope: Volume 1

Cultivating Patience Experience Hope: Volume 1

Lisa Simone Adamson

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Do you desire to draw closer to God and dig deeper into His word?

Do you desire to still the voice of insecurity and fear?

“Cultivating: Patience, Experience, Hope” is an interactive devotional book for women who are craving a deeper walk with God, but do not know how to find it. This collection of over 30 devotions includes reflections and challenges to help you understand Gods thoughts about you.

The purpose of this book is to encourage a passionate faith in God, a consistent prayer life, and confidence regardless of what life stage you are in.

Many times, we overlook our experiences and underestimate the presence of God in our mundane routines. This will help to elevate your perspective to see where God is moving and building in your life.

As you experience this journey God will empower you to overcome negative thoughts and confront the lies that you have believed.

This book is an open and shut interactive journal, complete with strategies and tools for understanding Gods word. You only need your bible and this book. Space is included for journalling, writing and diagraming.

You will cultivate a deeper connection to God! You will discover the courage to conquer!

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