Cheryl M. Charles

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Big Bub is heading off to summer camp. This will be the first time he will be away from his mom and his sister. While we will miss his family terribly, he is looking forward to heading off to Camp Sunny with his friends.

He expects to have a week of fun, which will include games, sports, enjoying nature, and making new friends. Big Bub has high hopes for the trip ahead until he encounters a bully.

Big Bub is a kind friend with a big heart. He has never been the victim of bullying, and Bub has had a hard time understanding what is happening. He wonders if he is being bullied. Do bullies only pinch, punch, and poke, or are there other types of bullying behaviour.

Once he comes to the realization that he is the victim of a bully, he has to find the courage to speak up. Are there trusted adults that he can turn to for help, and what should he say?

Big Bub is not alone. Messy Marvyn and the other kids are stunned by this unexpected turn of events. His friends are used to their happy circle of caring and acceptance. Is there anything they can do to help Big Bub, or will they be silent and just be bystanders?

Read along and find out!

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