Beelzebub's Craving for Rotten Fruits

Beelzebub's Craving for Rotten Fruits

Stephanie Sutherland-Souza

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This book was written to teach necessary spiritual principles to the next generation. Its purpose is to expose the schemes of darkness in a child-friendly manner, bringing awareness of the realities of the unseen realm.

This story, authored by Stephanie Sutherland-Souza, is about a swarm of flies led by Beelzebub, who are planning to spoil the fruits and vegetables in Ben's garden. The main characters in the story include Frank the Tomato, his friend Curly the Cucumber, Quinn the Grape, Carissa the Honeybee, and Beelzebub. They all come to life and interact with one another. Intriguingly, the fruits also have to deal with self-esteem issues and confront the malicious intent of the fruit flies.

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