Tonna Thomas

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Have you ever wondered what your child may be feeling or thinking while getting to know you as a parent?

Then seemingly out of nowhere, comes the special compliments and sincere appreciation, which warms your heart. And secretly, you wish that time would stop so you could savor such beautiful moments. But still, you celebrate them!

Well, lets continue the celebration as 
Beautiful Like My Heart takes you on a trip down memory lane, reintroducing you to many of these beautiful moments. Moments captured from a child's perspective of the special bond he shares with his mother. In this feel-good story, this child takes us on a journey as he learns about resilience, persistence, and self-esteem while figuring out how these attributes fit into his world. Even as a young child, he hopes to inspire others, as he teaches us that LoveJoy, and Kindness in our hearts make us Beautiful.

Book details:
  • An inspiring story about the significance of small gestures.
  • The beautiful illustrations represent children of different cultures and with varying abilities, a way to teach children that everyone is unique, no matter their background or abilities.
  • This age-appropriate easy-to-follow rhyming story captures children's attention, from babies to school-aged level.
  • Buckle-up families because this story is crafted so you can enjoy a beautiful experience.
  • An activity section is included at the end of the book.

Young readers, Parents, and Educators can use this book to help with discussions about self-concept, self-love, and healthy ways to express emotions.

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