Africans and Africa in the Bible (Expanded Version)

Africans and Africa in the Bible (Expanded Version)

Welch Tim

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Africans and Africa in the Bible highlights where and how Africans and Africa have featured in the story of God and his people since ancient times. This book shows the presence and the participation of Africans in the biblical text, helping demonstrate that Christianity is not a "white man's religion" and that Christianity has deep roots in African soil.

It looks at all those in the Bible who can legitimately be considered as African, supporting its findings with both
ancient and modern scholarship.

Extensive appendices indicate precisely the African people and places mentioned either directly or indirectly in the Christian Scriptures, supporting the premise that Africans are not simply recipients of the Gospel message, but they are an integral part of it.

o Discover how God included Africa in his purposes
o Learn from biblical African forefathers
o Claim your ancient spiritual heritage as an African believe

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