Messy Marvyn & Friends: Cheery Clairey's Winter Wonderland

Messy Marvyn & Friends: Cheery Clairey's Winter Wonderland

Cheryl M. Charles

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Cheery Clairey is one of the happiest and cheeriest friends in the Messy Marvyn & Friends series. But does Clairey always have a smile on her face? No one is happy and bubbly all the time, and the same goes for Cheery Clairey.

In this story, we take a quick trip back in time. You will learn about Clairey’s big move to Canada from Trinidad. How did Clairey feel when she had to leave her friends and family behind to set out on this new adventure with her parents?

Clairey enjoyed her first airplane ride, and she loved her new home, but when the first day of school arrived, she was anything but cheery. Who will help Cheery Clairey adjust to her new classroom and help her to make new friends? How will Cheery Clairey react when she finally sees her first snowfall? Will she truly enjoy the amazing winter wonderland?

If you’ve ever had a big move, or if you’ve ever been the new kid in class, then this story is for you!

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