Messy Marvyn & Friends: Chatty Patty's Class Trip

Messy Marvyn & Friends: Chatty Patty's Class Trip

Cheryl M. Charles

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Patty has been waiting a long time to make another visit to the zoo and in this book, the day is finally here. Read along as Patty, her friends and their teacher embark on this day long adventure where they see amazing wild animals. They learn important facts about the beautiful animals from their tour guide Ms. Lopez and by sharing information as a class. The friends think about the importance of taking care of our planet and making it a healthy and safe place for all living things.

The day is filled with learning, excitement, friendship, and fun until the unthinkable happens! Find out what challenge Patty faces and how she and her friends feel. Will there be a happy ending to this story? Read along and find out.

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